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Selling on a website or on WhatsApp?

Loic Tiako| 2024-01-17




In this our digital era doing business has never been so profitable.
The coming of social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp has made millionaires to double worldwide.
So how did some people managed to turn th



First of all, you have to know there exist WhatsApp and WhatsApp business. So, what is the difference between the two? WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows users to send text messages, make voice and video calls, and share multimedia content such as photos and videos. It is primarily designed for personal use. WhatsApp Business, on the other hand, is a separate app specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It includes features such as business profiles, messaging tools for customer service, and the ability to create automated responses. It also provides analytics and metrics to help businesses understand their interactions with customers. Can I use WhatsApp to sell?

Of course, yes actually its advice able to use WhatsApp business to sell your products or services because of the following reasons;

  • Facebook has made it possible only for WhatsApp business number to be added to a Facebook page. Making your customers to reach you directly on your WhatsApp number.
  • It helps you add a catalog of your products you sell.
  • It helps you add details such as youre opening and closing hours, your website link.
  • You can also launch ads directly from WhatsApp.
  • You can also create customizable messages which will help you answer your clients when youre busy.
  • Its twice easier to convert a prospect into a client on WhatsApp than on messenger, so always make sure to add WhatsApp on all your post you wish to boost.
  • Almost everybody is on WhatsApp so 90% of your clients will be easily accessible via WhatsApp than on any other social media platform.

Can I sell digital products on WhatsApp?

Of course, yes if you are a writer and your book is available in pdf format, you can send it to your clients after he has paid for your book. WhatsApp enable people to do the following;
  • Send pictures, audio files and documents.
  • Location, text etc.
We at we capitalize on this great tool which is WhatsApp. How did we integrated WhatsApp on our marketplace? First of all how does functions?
  • Google and click on the link having the slogan find anything around you in just a click.
  • Scroll down to view all products or services proposed by professional on the platform.
  • Select the product or service you want by clicking on the button order now found below each product.
  • Then you will be redirected to the purchasing page where you will have to download the image of the product you previously selected by clicking on it.
  • The final step is to contact the seller of this product by clicking on the button found below the image you just downloaded.
  • You will just have to notify the seller that you saw the product on
  • So, this is how functions. Everybody can buy or sell his /her products on

Is it better to use WhatsApp?

Selling products or services on a website offers several advantages over selling through WhatsApp Professionalism and credibility: A website provides a professional platform for showcasing your products or services, which can enhance your brands credibility and trustworthiness.

  • Broader reach: A website can reach a larger audience compared to WhatsApp, as it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, not just those in your contact list.
  • Search engine visibility: A website can be optimized for search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find your products or services through organic search results.
  • E-commerce capabilities: Websites can integrate e-commerce functionality, allowing customers to browse products, make purchases, and track orders seamlessly.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Websites can provide a more user-friendly and organized shopping experience, with features such as product categories, filters, and detailed product descriptions.
  • Marketing opportunities: With a website, you can utilize various digital marketing strategies such as content marketing, email marketing, and social media advertising to promote your products or services.
  • Analytics and insights: Websites provide access to valuable data and analytics that can help you understand customer behavior, preferences, and sales performance.
  • Brand customization: Websites allow for complete customization of your brands look and feel, offering a unique and tailored experience for your customers.


While WhatsApp can be a useful tool for communicating with customers and processing sales, a website offers a more robust platform for selling products or services, providing greater flexibility, reach, and professionalism.

Why you need to host your website on

by Loic Tiako| 2024-04-15






Here is my story with

Please read till the end!

In January 2024 I wanted to host my website but I had only 10,000frs. I made a couple of research and I felt on which offered hosting at just 20,000frs annually.

I was happy and I contacted them. I pleaded with them if I could advance 10,000frs and finish later. Guess what???

They accepted and four days later I paid for the rest of the cash. With their help I was able to host my website. Thanks to them I make literally 50,00frs every month via my website.


No hosting provider will help you like so click on this link to host your website.

Reasons why you need a Facebook page?

by Loic Tiako| 2024-04-15






Facts about Facebook you probably ignored;

  • It is the biggest social media in the world with over 1billion monthly users.
  • Everybody is on Facebook be it people or companies.
  • You can connect your Facebook page and Instagram account and share the same content via both platforms simultaneously.
  • Facebook pays its content creators each month according to their number of views, followers etc.

Difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page

  • A Facebook profile is for people while a Facebook page is mainly used by companies.
  • You can have a Facebook profile and not have a Facebook page but you cannot have a Facebook page if you dont have a Facebook profile.
  • A Facebook profile easily have engagement while with a Facebook page it takes too much effort to build a community online.
  • You can have automated message replies on your Facebook page while it is impossible to have on your Facebook profile.
  • You can boost post on your Facebook page while its impossible to boost posts on a Facebook profile.

How do you attract prospect on Facebook?

A prospect is somebody who is potentially interested in your product or services.

Now to attract a prospect you need the following;

  • Create a Facebook page and if you dont know how, just click on this link to watch a tutorial.
  • Add your logo and cover photo and if you dont know how to create a logo and a cover photo let us know by clicking here .
  • Create quality content and post regularly.
  • Creating content is the most difficult part but we can help you just contact us by clicking here

These are the 3 secrets to make more money on Facebook

  • Create quality content.
  • Post regularly.
  • Chat with your prospect and always reply to their comments on your post.


Contact us via this link if you want us to help your brand gain more visibility online.
Thanks for reading till the end.

Why some people succeed in life

by Loic Tiako| 2024-04-20






Read the story of Kamga and Kenfack.

Please read till the end. Kamga and Kenfack are friends who started selling mens dresses in their first year in the university.

They both started saving money to buy their clothes. When they had the capital needed, they both bought their clothes and started selling on social media. Kamga while selling notice it was too difficult to convince people online to buy his clothes.
He taught about a strategy to attract more prospects and to learn how to convert them into clients. If you dont know what is the difference between a prospect and a client watch this video. He then bought courses online on Facebook marketing and copywriting. He spend like 50,000frs to buy eBooks and courses that he studied intensively.
On the other side his friend kept boosting his post on Facebook and refused to pay for courses to help him sell more. One months later Kamga successfully applied 80% of what he learned in eBooks and courses. His numbers of clients triple and his number of followers increased drastically. His friend then asked him how he did it.
He told his friend it is because he read eBooks and implemented everything he read. His friend asked him for the eBooks and Kamga gave him but yet Kenfack was too lazy to read them. Few months later Kenfack started accusing his friend of using juju to sell his clothes online. They finally separated and Kamga became a big business man.


To conclude this story, you have to know that using the best strategy to sell your products or services is more important than just having the best products. Work smartly and you shall achieve results twice faster than anyone in your ind

Why you fail to make the right choice of training after your advanced level certificate.

by Loic Tiako| 2024-04-22






Here is my story after my advance level certificate.

In 2018 I had my GCE Advanced level certificate with the following subjects; Economics, Geography and history. I was happy and I excited when I left G.B.H.S Mendong to go to the university. After my result all my relatives promised me nice things but we are in 2024 no one gave me anything.

So I told my mom I wanted to do Economics at the University of YDE 2 (SOA). She refused, she told me it is too far so I accepted to do Geography in the University of YDE 1. I registered in the university and during that time I started reading books in personal development and business.

It totally changed my way of seeing things and I started asking myself the following questions;

  • What is my goal in this life?
  • What is my talent?
  • Which is the right profession for me?

One day I googled the sentence “what are the future jobs in Cameroon”. On the search result page, I saw the following answers;

  • Web development
  • Digital marketing

It reminded me that in Form 5 at Saint Stephens International college I was the only student offering computer science. Unfortunately for me I failed Computer science in the GCE Ordinary level. Here in the university, I couldnt offer computer science since I was weak in maths.

So, since I was so attracted by programming and digital marketing so why not train myself in these domains? While in the university our delegate one day passed an announcement about “la bourse panafricaine”. This was a program which offered training in IT domains like; initiation in computer science, secretariat , web development and graphic design etc.

I registered in initiation in computer science and I failed to obtain my certificate because I never had 12 average. I didnt get discouraged in May 2019 I registered in a similar training program at the faculty of science. This time around I registered in the web development course and at the end I obtained my first certificate.

After the training my Teacher MR.Cabay gave me the contact of his friend Stanley . Stanley was a software engineer and he built the app called KAWLO. Kawlo was an app which helps GCE students to get passed GCE questions in all subjects both in PDF format or physical formats.

After my certificate I failed to pass and go to level 2 . So I repeated level one and in March 2020 I stopped going to the university. I never saw my place there and I wanted to learn digital marketing and web development. My objective was to work from home and that is when I contacted Stanley for help. Stanley was my mentor for years and thanks to him I obtained my certificate in INBOUND MARKETNG on in 2021.

After obtaining my certificate I taught about what to do to make a bit of money. I told myself why not sell eBooks? I started downloading eBooks and started advertising it on Facebook and WhatsApp. For a whole year I couldnt sell up to 10 eBooks people never wanted to buy eBooks. In 2022 my mom told me to choose a school where I will learn web development.

I was so happy and after some weeks I asked my friend Engama loic where he did his training in web development. He told me SEED DIGITAL SCHOOL at Accacia, I rushed there and in October 2022 I registered there. I registered for a one year training program in web development. Around November 2023 I came across an ad on Facebook advertising a website. I clicked on the ad then I visited the website.

The website was not that pretty but the system behind the website was great. The owner of the website charged 30,000frs to all people who wanted to sell their products on their website. I was surprised how people can make money which such basic website. Then I challenged myself to create a similar website like this and in January 2024 my Website was life.

Today thanks to my website I make at least 100,000frs each month while working from home. I could achieve this result faster if I was oriented properly after my GCE advanced level certificate but I had to struggle a lot.

I created and eBook where I share my experience after my advanced level. I created this eBook to help all GCE holders to make proper decision before registering in any university. You must know what you want first before taking any decision because if you make a wrong choice. You will regret it for life and you may end up depressed for nothing.


My eBook cost 3000frs and if you want a successful life after the GCE order it now by clicking on this link . My WhatsApp contact is .

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